The struggle to believe in rebirth

1201952_61178703As the movie screen went black, the concluding feeling was one of unsatisfied needs in the characters. The popular movie reflects the hungers in the hearts of the ordinary McDonalds cashier, school kid, tennis coach, and everyone else.

They are starved for truth that brings freedom. The fascination with themes of redemption point to the heart’s longing for the gospel message, the very message the movie can only crudely hint at.

That gospel message has been entrusted to followers of Jesus Christ. God opens eyes to the truth, and chooses to use us to bring His gospel of grace to the lost.

The honest truth: I struggled to believe the power of the gospel.
Do you want the honest truth? I have not always believed all men really needed the gospel. I knew I needed salvation, and that the Bible says other men need it.  But when I engaged in a conversation with an agnostic on campus, he seemed to be getting along fine without God. He was decently moral. More conscious of poor than I am. Hard working. What did he need God for, other than to avoid hell (which he didn’t believe in)?

What does man need God for? Everything. Even the seemingly moral and compassionate agnostic needs to be set free to serve God and enjoy the relationship. Even if he blindly denies it, the agnostic’s daily existence was a life-size testimony to his inability to satisfy his extreme desires with earthly vanities. The question is not “Does man need God?” The question is, “Does man see his need for a Savior to reconcile him to God?”

Thanks be to our Lord for opening my eyes to the reality of man’s need for the gospel. I may not confidently say that I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes (Romans 1:16)

Real beliefs change real life: Living like we know there is a way to be born again.
When I really believe that all men need the blood of Jesus Christ to bring them into the relationship they crave, it opens my mouth. There is hope to proclaim. Men can indeed be born again.
Let me close with a quote from Spurgeon:

“…he who really has this high estimate of Jesus will think much of him, and as the thoughts are sure to run over at the mouth, he will talk much of him. Do we so? If Jesus is precious to you, you will not be able to keep your good news to yourself; you will be whispering it into your child’s ear; you will be telling it to your husband; you will be earnestly imparting it to your friend; without the charms of eloquence you will be more than eloquent; your heart will speak, and your eyes will flash as you talk of his sweet love. Every Christian here is either a missionary or an impostor. Recollect that. You either try to spread abroad the kingdom of Christ, or else you do not love him at all. It cannot be that there is a high appreciation of Jesus and a totally silent tongue about him.”

Do you believe the gospel is powerful? Have you ever fought these same struggles? What did God use to bring you to understand your need, and see others’ need in such a real way that it motivates you to verbally proclaim the word of God that brings saving faith to lost men?

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