Weekend Resource: Rethinking Retirement

860275_58506555Resource: Rethinking Retirement, by John Piper.

Description: “In this challenge to Christians finishing their formal careers in their fifties and sixties, John Piper writes,

I am sixty-two years old—just about the oldest baby boomer. Behind me come 78 million boomers, ages forty-three to sixty-one. Over 10,000 turn sixty every day. What will it mean to live those final years for the glory of Christ? How will we live them in such a way as to show that Christ is our highest Treasure?

John Piper argues that it will mean a radical break with the mindset of our unbelieving peers. Especially a break with the typical dream of retirement.”

Piper’s writing redefines retirement as understood and taught by the world. It is an engaging booklet.

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A few short compelling videos

Here are a few videos, John Piper related. I highly recommend each, as they are short yet powerful.

What is your retirement dream? Advice you won’t regret hearing:

The reason why we need to be part of a small group meeting purposefully:

God is dangerous apart from Jesus Christ:

We need the gospel every day:

A song the builds powerfully, with Piper preaching at the end:

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