The 8 Session Summaries from the Desiring God National Conference


This past weekend, I had the pleasure of being hosted by Demian Farnworth at Fallen and Flawed to blog from the Desiring God National Conference 2009.

Six gifted men spoke on John Calvin and what we can learn from his passion for Christ. Each session from the conference is summarized below.

1. Julius Kim: Why we care who Calvin was

2. Collision Film Screening: Doug Wilson explains the dual purpose of apologetics

3. Doug Wilson: How Calvin mastered the Bible

4. Marvin Olasky: How Calvin challenged conventional thinking in government and business

5. Mark Talbot: How Calvin viewed his own sin and suffering

6. Panel Discussion: Should we hold the death of Servetus against Calvin?

7. Sam Storms: 4 ways meditating on heaven will change your life [Highly recommend this one]

8. John Piper: God’s ultimate goal is to glorify His grace in and through Christ

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7 reasons why God used D. L. Moody

dl-moodyD.L. Moody was a strikingly ordinary human used powerfully by the Almighty. How did that come about? Why was Moody used powerfully? R. A. Torrey gives us 7 reasons in his biography of Moody:

1. A Fully Surrendered Man
Moody had no will and goals outside of God’s. The heart of the Father filled the heart of Moody. Not a mere agreement to cooperate with God in addition to a personal agenda, but a full-scale submission to God’s will alone.

2. A Man of Prayer
Practical belief in God powered Moody’s prayer life. “He was a man who met every difficulty that stood in his way — by prayer. Everything he undertook was backed up by prayer, and in everything, his ultimate dependence was upon God.”

3. A Deep and Practical Student of the Bible
Every morning, Moody shut himself up alone in a room to meet with God in the Word. He was unwilling to sacrifice time with God for something of lesser value.

4. A Humble Man
Moody was convinced of his own inadequacy. This led him to trust God for strength. It also allowed him to enjoy putting himself in the background and others in the foreground.

5. His Entire Freedom from the Love of Money
Millions on dollars passed through Moody’s hands, and as Torrey put it, “He loved to gather money for God’s work; he refused to accumulate money for himself.”

6. His Consuming Passion for the Salvation of the Lost
As a new believer, Moody resolved to never let a day pass without speaking to at least one person about the gospel. Sometimes, remembering that commitment stirred  him from his bed and out into the streets late at night.

7. Definitely Endued with Power from on High
“In his early days he was a great hustler; he had a tremendous desire to do something, but he had no real power,” Torrey described Moody, “He worked very largely in the energy of the flesh.” That changed after he began praying for the power of the Holy Spirit, not his human effort, to drive his ministry.

Which one of those evidences of God’s grace in Moody’s life strike you the most?

Click to download the short (15 pg) book, Why God used D.L. Moody, by R. A. Torrey.

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