Time Out For Comic Relief: Read Some Top-Notch Scientific Research

Ouch. It'll hurt less if you pull it off fastHere is one of the lighter news stories that may have passed you by.

Glad I Know Now: Fast is Best for Band Aid Removal, Scientists Say

Yes, mom was always right.

Pulling the band aid off faster does hurt less.

On top of verifying mom’s age-old medical advice, researchers also found evidence that pain is both cultural and psychological:

Researcher Dr. Carl O’Kane says the research found the cause of pain to be more of a psychological issue.

“It’s fascinating that if you had a preconception that slow was going to be more painful in fact it was, so it also suggests that pain is not just what you perceive but what you think you will perceive when you get the painful stimulus,” he said.

“So there’s a lot of cultural and psychological factors there as well.”

Now that the study is concluded, they’ll have time to finish up their studies on drunk fruit flies. A whole new meaning to “I hear a fly buzzing.”

It’s OK to Add Some Sweets Into Your Diet
Why do you think we usually dwell on the morbid headlines?

We take in a steady diet of apocalyptic news stories, trying to keep our heads above water in flash floods of high-profile disaster. We could use something sweet in our news diet every now and then.

Christians shouldn’t be disengaged from the culture and its horrors. And yes, we have a weighty mission to carry out.

But if Matthew 6:25-33 is true, I think we can afford to lighten up a little on occasion.

So here I am, grinning at band aids, fruit flies, and other modern marvels of science.

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