Despite Taming Much of the World, We Still Can’t Tame Ourselves

The overarching problem with science, economics, and any other discipline set on taming the world is not that we cannot make progress in subduing the natural world. It is that we are unable to tame our own hearts.

Apart from Christ

Apart from Christ, we are left with a futile undertaking. We self-destructively become our own hinderance to ruling the earth. As long as man is a slave to sin at the very core of his being, his every attempt to bring order to the world is ultimately twisted by greed, a loveless heart, and a lack of self-control to serve his own chaotic purposes.

Cunning Offense, No Defense

A prime example: We can come up with elaborate economic theories and a complex banking system complete with regulatory oversight, but we cannot rid ourselves of the greed in the hearts of men that strewed the economic landscape with the wreckage of failed corporations. In the aftermath, we find ourselves asking if we have control at all. And if we do have control, what do we have control of? Certainly not our hearts. Despite our cunning offenses, we have no defense against the treachery of our own hearts apart from salvation in Jesus Christ.

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