Go Hastily to Find the Savior

“And the shepherds went in haste and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby, lying in a manger” (Luke 2:16).

The shepherds were hurriedly seeking Jesus. Why didn’t they wait until morning? What was the rush?

Because falling at the feet of Jesus was better than anything else they could have been doing that night. “Well that’s easy to say,” one might think, “All they had to do that night was watch a herd of sheep.” Truthfully, we are no better off than the shepherds. The best thing we can do apart from Christ doesn’t compare any more favorably than watching sheep.

If you knew He was your Savior from sin that destroys, you’d run to Him.

If you knew that He offered the joy and peace you seek, you’d run to Him.

We’ll Find Nothing More Worthy of Pursuit

If we are not hurriedly seeking Jesus, it is not because we have found something better. It is because we don’t know who He is to properly value Him. We don’t know how real and immediately needed the gospel is for everyday life.

How Needed is the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Let’s just focus on one area where the gospel is practical: our work.

Apart from Christ,

» You can earn and pay money, but we will all still use it to seek worthless things with no eternal value and remain impoverished in all meaningful accounts.

» You can bring someone healing, but they’ll only use their strength to continue heading to the grave.

» You can give someone legal advice, but they’ll keep breaking the laws of heaven and face legal condemnation before a just and righteous Judge.

» You can build people’s houses and buildings, but that will still leave them homeless in the next world.

» You can offer insight and advice, but all of our earthly wisdom is futile and foolish in light of living unprepared to die and face eternity.

You can bring people a lot of earthly things, but you cannot change the hearts that destine them for hell apart from salvation in Christ.

Apart from Christ, all our greatest efforts are ultimately worthless and futile. We are wandering, destroying ourselves, purposeless, enjoying a moment of pleasure while storing up a harvest of ache and woe.

Unless you intimately know Christ yourself and bring Christ to to the people in the workplace and anyone else you try to serve here on earth.

No surprise the shepherds ran to the One who was called their Savior.

How Close is Close Enough?

Is hearing the angels say Jesus exists enough for you?
Is running to the stable door close enough?
Or is running all the way to the side of the manger where you want to be?

What level of intimacy do you let pass as “finding Christ”?

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