Bible Memory Plans

Here’s everything you wanted to know about Bible memory, and then some.

Bible Memory Plan and Resources

  1. Create Your Own Memory Cards
  2. Online Bible Memory Tool [It even has progress graphs]
  3. Fighter Verse Cards and the Fighter Verse Program Home Page

How and Why to Memorize

  1. An Approach to Extended Bible Memory
  2. 18 Tricks To Memorize More Scripture
  3. How John Piper Memorizes Scripture
  4. Why Memorize Scripture?
  5. Suggestions for Memorizing Scripture

Inspiration for Memorizing

Here are a few Christians reciting lengthy texts. That’s exciting to hear.

  1. John Piper recites Romans 8
  2. Jon Bloom recites Hebrews as a sermon
  3. David Platt recites Romans 1-8

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