Must Read

Lightbulb of creativitySome posts stand out like a 150-watt light bulb.

Others stick out like a sore thumb and poke you in the eye.

The following posts will give you a flavor of what you’ll find here at Desire Spiritual Growth, and they will serve as warning that I produce both light bulbs and sore thumbs [ok, so maybe I try to hide the uglies when making the must-read list].

My goal is simple: Let you know what to expect from the blog and hopefully interest you enough to subscribe and stick around.

Top 1o Posts That Reflect the Blog:

How to Develop a Desperate Prayer Life

My Battle with Skepticism

3 Ways to Cultivate Continual Communion with God

Mistaking Spiritual Information for Intimacy

Do you know how to use Bible Study Methods?

George Müller’s 6-Point Strategy for Finding the Will of God

7 Reasons Why God Used D. L. Moody

Quiet time: Reading my glorified newspaper

The Weekend [Free] Resource Series

Love Precedes Obedience

There’s more where those came from. And after perusing the site, that’s either good news or really bad news. At least it was a fair warning.

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