Live Blogging from the Desiring God National Conference

I’m flying to Minnesota this weekend to attend the Desiring God National Conference to listen to six speakers unpack the life and ministry of John Calvin for the 500th anniversary of his birth. The conference centers on understanding how  “the vision of God that Calvin lived and taught is relevant in all our lives.”

Expect unique and practical perspectives from the group of men slated to teach at the conference.

Demian Farnworth is hosting me at his blog, Fallen and Flawed, where I will be live blogging the event this weekend. I will post summaries of each speaker’s session, highlighting key points and exploring ideas introduced at the conference.

If you haven’t checked out Fallen and Flawed before, I highly recommend the blog to you. The Desiring God conference updates are the least of what you’ll find there. From practical theology to interviews with atheists, Demian tackles it all and points to Christ.

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