4 Ways Audiobooks Will Increase Your Time Efficiency

AudiobooksSome people learn best by listening.

I don’t.

I prefer to chow down and digest each page by letting loose with a highlighter and pen, taking notes and dog-earing those important pages I’ll likely never see again.

But I’ve still found an important place for audiobooks – as an avenue used by the Spirit for furthered spiritual growth- that printed versions cannot fill.

Though this post focuses on the Christian nonfiction genre, most of the points cross apply elsewhere.

4 Reasons to Listen to Audiobooks

Here are four ways audiobooks will increase your time efficiency.

1. Means for Redeeming Driving Time

I once heard that if you listened to audiobooks and lectures during the twenty minute drives to and from work, by the time you retire you will have listened to the equivalent of seven PhD’s worth of information.

2. Employment for the Mind While Exercising the Body

Maybe you don’t share in my pains, but I find the gym to be mentally boring. I find it easier to exercise longer when my mind is engaged. Audiobooks are a way to work out your mind and body in tandem.

3. Helpful Method for Ingesting Books That Never Make it Off the Shelf

Face it: The volume of quality books out there would easily crush your nightstand with their collective weight. But there is a limited amount of time for reading. Using audio increases your opportunities to ingest more books because books that do not fit into your reading time may fit into your listening time.

4. Increased Fuel for Meditation

We are more likely to engage our minds in worthwhile thinking throughout the day if we take opportunities [such utilizing audiobooks to increase overall book intake] to provide ourselves with mental fodder for meditation.

Where to Buy Christian Audiobooks

Now for an unsolicited plug for my favorite audiobook download site, http://christianaudio.com. They’ve got a free audiobook each month, run great sales periodically, and have a great selection.

One track at a time, I am plowing through Deep Church by Jim Belcher and 8 years worth of John Piper’s 221-message series on Romans. What are you listening to?

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